1. Multiple Layers

Whenever I get over to the east coast I always love getting to see the sunrise from the beach.  I was going through my photos from over the summer and noticed that the waves gently rolling in look like layers under layers of color filled sky. It was well worth getting up early on my day off!


52. A Calm Moment

There is nothing more calm and relaxing than laying by the water in a hammock, looking up at the coconut palms which are gently blowing in the breeze. Until you are awakened by the sound of a camera hehehe

44. Red, White and Blue

ImageSeeing The red and white Dive flag against the blue water puts a smile on my face! Especially after this dive on the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach, which is when I shot this picture. I have been trying to dive this site for over a year and finally made it last week. You can only dive here one half hour before and after high tide. The sea life is incredible and so is the underwater macro photography.


Hello World!

Glad you stopped by my blog!

We are taking a photo challenge, posting photos which match the themes listed on the top of this page. The challenge will last 52 weeks starting August 1st, one photo per week. I will be posting images that fit within the themes, but that also interest and inspire me. This will be a 52 week journey of different perspectives, creativity and imagination.

So, are you ready for an adventure and an excuse to take more pictures? Come on……lets go!


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